• Siddha Remedies Sleep Aid Spray for Adults & Children | Induces Natural Sleep by Releasing Stress & Anxiety | 100…

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    😴 Fall Asleep Naturally: Unlike sleeping pills that simply knock you out and don’t solve your core problem, Siddha Sleep works inside-out by gradually releasing the stress and anxiety that prevents you from falling asleep, allowing your body to ease into a truly natural, restful and deep sleep.
    😴 100% NATURAL: Using a unique formula of Cell Salts and Flower Essences including Dandelion, German Chamomile, Licorice, Lotus, Sandalwood, Valerian and Ylang Ylang, our Natural Sleep Remedy harnesses nature’s best healing properties to achieve quality, restful sleep. The Active Ingredients of flos 5X HPUS (White Chestnut) helps those who can’t sleep because of thoughts going around in head; Ferrum Phos 12X HPUS helps with restlessness and sleeplessness; anxious dreams. See label for all uses.
    😴 Fit for the whole family: Our Homeopathic Sleep Remedy is fit for both children aged 2 and up as well as adults who experience difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or who awake feeling tired, groggy, irritated or restless. Siddha Sleep won’t interfere with any other drugs or supplements already being used.