• Medication Controlled Unit Dose, Cold Seal Pill Blister Pack System, Card is Perforated to Tear Apart for Easy Single…

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    CONTROLLED DOSE AND UNIT DOSE IN ONE COLD SEAL MEDICATION CARD – Perforations around each blister allows for easy separation. Take just a single dose of medications with you. Color coded pressure sensitive lidding label sheets. Each row of 7 doses are coded with a color. Each card can hold 1 weeks worth of 4X’s a day medications, or 2 weeks of 2 times a day medications or 4 weeks of 1 time a day medications.
    NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED – EASY TO USE Just fill the clear blisters with your medications, peel off the top backing from separate label sheet, align holes at the top and press down. Then peel off the remaining backing and smooth down and into place, pressing down with your hands to ensure a proper seal. Turn over and press around the blisters to finish sealing. Cold Seal means no sealing equipment needed for our Medication Pill Blister Packaging System.
    PERFECT FOR CAMPS, SCHOOL, BABYSITTER, CAREGIVERS This is ideal for your children’s caregivers – no more worrying if they are given the correct medication at the correct time. You fill it up and the caregiver can easily dispense the correct medications. ROOM ON TOP TO WRITE OUT INSTRUCTIONS, NOTES, ADDITIONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION You can write instructions on the top section of lidding label sheets. Great for notes to caregivers, camps, and schools.