• Monthly Cold Seal Medication Blister Pack System Cards – One Piece Unit Dose Book Fold, Easy No Extra Equipment Needed…

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    NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED – EASY TO USE Just fill the clear blisters with your medications, peel off the backing, fold the book in half, and press with your hands. No additional trays and Cold Seal means no sealing equipment needed for our Medication Pill Blister Packaging System.
    EASY TO SEE IF MEDICATIONS HAVE BEEN TAKEN This is ideal for anyone who struggles with medication compliance. Care givers and family members appreciate Blister Packs because they can evaluate medication compliance at a glance. Each blister can hold a mixture of medications for complete customization in loading. Space provided for medication information or instructions.
    PERFECT FOR CAMPS, SCHOOL, BABYSITTER, CAREGIVERS This is ideal for your children’s caregivers – no more worrying if they are given the correct medication at the correct time. You fill it up and the caregiver can easily dispense the correct medications.