• sticro Natural Jade Infrared Lumbar Heating Pad for Lower Back Pain Relief, Auto Shut Off Heated Belly Waist Wrap Belt…

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    FAR INFRARED HEATING WRAP SOOTHE LOWER BACK PAIN. the Lumber wrap embedded with the FIR Fiber Heating Element, would emit far infrared rays which deeply and evenly penetrate throughout the skin, muscle, tissue, joint, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation to achieve relief and healing
    ENJOY NATURAL JADE STONES HEAT THERAPY: 20 pieces of natural jade stones embedded in inner layer, Jade are heated to emit Negative ions (promote oxygenation to the brain) and natural FIR (far infrared) rays and passes it along to the lower back pain area gently and smoothly.
    CUSTOMIZED TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: 6 temperature settings available, a lot of choice to get your best fitting temperature for heat therapy