• Buckwheat Heating Pad – Hot & Cold Pillow – Neck Heatable Pillow – Cold Back Wrap –Natural Buckwheat Seed Filling – 10 x…

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    WHAT YOU NEED: If you too are one of the man people that struggle with muscle soreness, exacerbated stress and menstrual pain, then we have an all-natural solution that can truly do wonders: the amazing buckwheat hot and cold pillow!
    EASY TO USE: The heatable pillow has an all-natural buckwheat seed filling that can be used in the microwave or freezer. The hot or cold pillow can be applied directly on the affected area for muscle relaxation or pain management.
    PREMIUM QUALITY: The microwavable pillow is made with a buckwheat filling and soft bubble fleece exterior for more comfort. The heatable cushion is soft, cozy and easy to use. It measures 10 x 8-inch, being large enough for any area that you may need to use it on.