• Made in USA: HEAT WAVE Instant Reusable Heat Packs – Large (8×12”), Reusable Heat Pack for Muscle Aches, Back Pain, Pain…

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    WARM UP NOW: Designed to comfort, warm, and heal every part of your body, our instant heat packs are versatile, portable, and intended to bring you warmth when you need it most. Whether you are watching your kids play sports in cold weather or warming up at the office after a cold drive, Heat Wave offers the warmth you need.
    MADE IN THE US: Simply flex the metal disc activator to begin the heating process and wait approximately 60 seconds while the large device heats to a comforting 130°F. Made from eco-friendly, medical-grade materials and can be reused many times. After use, boil the heat pack with a rag underneath it until the heat pack returns to liquid form and let cool. For best results, store in liquid form.
    INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: If you are suffering from arthritis or neck, back, shoulder, knee, or joint pain, Heat Wave provides long-lasting, therapeutic heat that can help. If you need relief from body aches, muscle soreness, or menstrual cramps, or if you simply need to warm your hands or feet on a cold day, our portable heating packs warm up in 60 seconds. Includes 1 large 8” x 12” heater.