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    YONI EGG SET CERTIFIED + POUCH + WOODEN BOX + PREP & EXERCISE INSTRUCTIONS + OPTIONAL 5-HOURS eCOURSE: Vaginal eggs from beginners to advance sized big: 51x33mm; medium: 40x29mm; small: 30x23mm. Our yoni eggs detox balls are drilled and polished without wax or any harmful chemical treatment. Each stone eggs set comes with a pouch, in a wooden case and is accompanied by prep instructions, exercise guide and an optional e-Course on Tao Tantra Solo Practices for woman called Yoni Yoga. We care.
    FEMENINE CARE: The yoni egg nephrite jade will help you tighten your weak PC (pubocoggygeal) muscles, which are indissolubly connected with urinary incontinence, bladder pain, vaginal dryness, bowel cleanse and bladder prolapse. Note also that a yoni egg works wonders in postpartum recovery, toning up your vaginal muscles while they have been proven effective with menopause relief and PMS relief.
    FAST & SAFE RESULTS: Doing kegel exercises with jade eggs, you will gain control over the muscles inside your vagina. The use of kegel yoni eggs will help strengthening yet relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, bringing benefits to your overall health and your sensual experience, no matter your age or physical condition. The efficiency of kegel stones has been a well-kept secret for 5000 years by the concubines of the Royal China, but now you can also benefit from their unique properties.