• Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro with User Guidebook – Patented Stainless Steel Physical Therapy Tool for Soft Tissue…

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    RELIEVE PAIN: The Ellipse Pro is ideal for Myofascial Release and IASTM techniques to provide instant relief for muscle pain and tightness. Release the adhesions in your fascia that are caused by muscle tension. Perfect for athletes, trainers and clinicians to treat tight muscles and chronic pain. Use the Accu-Sphere ball tip to perform trigger point therapy.
    PREVENT INJURIES: Use the Ellipse Pro before exercise to prevent injuries and after exercises for faster recovery. Myofascial Release techniques will increase blood circulation and lengthen muscles, which helps increase mobility and flexibility.
    MOST VERSATILE IASTM TOOL: You won’t need any other instruments because the Ellipse does it all! Our patented design provides multiple sized beveled edges on the convex and concave curves to give you the versatility only found by using multiple tools from other brands. Regardless of the muscle, big or small, you can use this tool to treat it.