• ACAI BERRY OIL. 100% Pure/Natural Cold Pressed Carrier Oil. 0.5 fl.oz-15 ml. For Skin, Hair, Lip and Nail Care.

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    ACAI BERRY OIL is PURE/ UNDILUTED / VIRGIN / UNREFINED Carrier Oil with no chemicals or synthetic solvents. Non toxic, does not clog the pores. Absorbs quickly, leaving a light, non-greasy feeling. Not tested on Animals, DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PRESERVATIVES.
    ACAI BERRY OIL is powerful antioxidant and a natural emollient that is highly moisturizing and restores skin elasticity. ACAI BERRY OIL is the “Number one super food for the skin and hair from Amazon Rainforest” . ACAI BERRY OIL is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry/ flaky, sensitive, and mature aging skin. Improves elasticity, tone, brighter encourages regeneration of skin cells.
    ACAI BERRY OIL is high quality oil is a great emollient for skin & hair. ACAI BERRY OIL contains omega 3,6 & 9 and mono fatty acids as well as vitamins E, B1, B2, B6 and minerals such as Phosphorus, Calcium, and Potassium. These are all helpful nutrients that allow relieve irritation, dryness, peeling, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and leaving skin soft and smooth. It will help to keep your skin healthy.