• ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER OIL 100% Pure/Natural/Undiluted/Refined Cold Pressed Carrier Oil. 1 Fl.oz.- 30 ml. For Skin, Hair…

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    ORGANIC SHEA OIL BUTTER is a natural hair and skin SUPERFOOD from the African Shea (Karite) nut. The concentration of natural vitamins A, E & F and fatty acids in ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER OIL makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for hair and skin. Use alone or with your favorite hair masque, hand cream, body lotion or facial moisturizer.
    ORGANIC SHEA OIL BUTTER is PURE UNDILUTED REFINED with no chemicals or synthetic solvents. No fillers, additives or artificial fragrances added. Non toxic, does not clog the pores. Absorbs quickly, leaving a light, non-greasy feeling. Not tested on Animals, DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PRESERVATIVES.
    ORGANIC SHEA OIL BUTTER is very beneficial for plumping and firming the skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is a great aromatherapy carrier oil, massage oil or after bath oil.