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    ALLOVER OINTMENT and gentle ECZEMA CREAM FOR BABY. Avoid overbathing and maintain baby skin health naturally by using a small amount of salve to wipe down areas that tend to collect debris and get irritated. Fat little necks, behind ears and knees, and various rolls and folds can be kept healthy and fresh with an occasional application of a thin layer of Ora’s Amazing Herbal Baby Salve. Gently massage baby with salve and then gently wipe off excess with a soft cloth.
    UNSCENTED and STING FREE. Smell only the botanical scent of the ingredients and that of your delicious baby.
    This salve is carefully crafted using the utmost care and trusted INGREDIENTS such as organic calendula, burdock, and coconut oil, to yield an effective balm for your baby. NOTE: If you suspect a sensitivity to coconut oil, please try our coconut free Newborn Salve. It’s not just for newborns!