• SHUAIHAN Men’s Razor Disposable Razor Traditional Manual Razor for Beauty Personal Care, Washable Safety Shaving Tool…

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    ❤ safe and sharp blade: it has a stronger stainless steel blade than the steel blade, which is sharp and does not hurt the skin. It can be used repeatedly. Compared with the automatic razor, the manual razor can remove the root and surface skin to become smooth, especially suitable for the fine hair on the human body.
    ❤ innovative engineering design: 5-layer floating blade, which distributes the pressure on five blades, helps to distribute the shaving force and reduce the pressure on the shaving blade, respectively adjust the skin contour to provide super dense shaving, so as to bring you more comfortable feeling and less stimulation.
    ❤ lubricating strip: the lubricating strip can slide to help protect your face and body skin from redness. Shaving is smooth, tight, no scratch, no sensitive stimulation. The lubricating strip is strengthened with aloe and vitamin E, which makes the sliding more smooth. When the blue strip disappears from the lubrication strip, you will be prompted to replace it.