• Shankara Sundarya Body Oil – Sensuous & Relaxing Floral Massage Oil – Ayurvedic Daily Moisturizer – pH Balanced, Rich in…

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    ALLURINGLY SENSUOUS & FRAGRANT: An enticingly floral fusion of Jasmine, Rose & Geranium in Shankara Sundarya Body Oil perfectly complements a base of organic oils, made better by essential oils, vitamin oils & carefully selected herbs
    LUXURIOUS, NOURISHING & NON-GREASY: Unlike an average body oil or moisturizer cream, Shankara Sundarya Oil is light & non-greasy; Gets readily absorbed in your skin; Offers thorough relaxation, skin repair & nourishment; An authentic Ayurvedic formula
    pH BALANCED, GENTLE: Being pH balanced & free of harsh chemicals, this body oil is suitable for all skin types; Balances all three Doshas (body-mind imbalance); Features Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang & Vetiver; Provides deep-skin hydration for all skin types