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    Before Conception Pregnacare Is Recommended Before Conception To Build Up The Stores Of Nutrients Such As Iron In Women Who Are Trying For A Baby. Good Nutrition Is Important To Help Prepare A Woman’S Body For The Additional Demands Placed On It During Pregnancy. Certain Nutrients; Like Folic Acid; Vitamin B12 And Zinc; Are Also Of Particular Importance From The Very First Moment Of Conception; For Neural Tube Development And Cell Division.
    Pregnacare Can Be Started At Any Point During Pregnancy. Ideal If Breast-Feeding Optimum Nutrition Is Valuable During Breast-Feeding; To Assist The Production Of Nutritious Breast Milk And To Help Replace A Mother’S Reserves Of Vitamins And Minerals; Which May Be Reduced. Zinc Is Important For Milk Production And Vitamin K Is Important To Help The Baby Maintain Healthy Levels Of Blood Clotting Proteins.
    Specially formulated by experts Pregnacare has been formulated by experts and is often recommended by health professionals including midwives and nurses to help safeguard a mother’s diet. It provides a complete spectrum of essential nutrients at carefully chosen safe levels; developed on the basis of international research both recently and over the past 20 years. It has always contained the recommended level of 400mcg folic acid.