• MAPUTI Intimate Feminine Vaginal Wash, Odor and Itch Block for Private Part, 4.06 Fl Oz

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    The feminie private zone has a lower pH value than your other skin and the body soap in the market is not good enough to kill necessary bacteria. That’s why you need to take care of your private zone with a MAPUTI intimate soap.
    The shower soap helps to keep good bacteria and get rid of bad bacteria for your virgina. Maintaining the best ph value of 4.0 to 5.5 for the delicate zone is an important point that does not cause troubles such as odor, darkening, and itching
    By having this soap washed, we can eliminate only bad bacteria and create an environment where good bacteria can live. Particularly, during summer or during menstrual periods (before and after), inside of the underwear is usualy stuffy, making it where bad bacteria can easily grow. In such a case, be sure to use a “delicate zone exclusive soap” for cleaning.

  • MAPUTI Organic Fragrance Body Cream Made in Japan 3.38 Fl Oz

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    Japanese Body Cream: This Japanese cream is great for those who are concerned with darkened skin You can put the body cream on face, vagina, body, armpits, neck, and etc.
    Organic Body Cream: Blended with 11 herbal extracts and organic beauty components (certified by ECOCERT), it can be applied on your body to fight against body odor, itchiness, darkening and dry skin
    Elegant Scented Deodorant: It provides a long-lasting body fragrance with mixture of citrus and peach, with a hint of floral scent, which is pleasant to our olfactory senses