• 60Pcs Baby Toothbrush, Infant Toothbrush Clean Baby Gums Disposable Tongue Cleaner Gauze Toothbrush Infant Oral Cleaning…

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    ✔ Soft Gauze Stick Toothbrush: The Baby toothbrush has made baby oral care easy, the toothbrush stick for infants and toddlers is an easy solution to clean and freshen up your baby’s gums and teeth, and tongue to avoid any stain and keep them relax.
    ✔ Easy to use: the baby toothbrush is very handy and simple to use, it has a simple round head gauze, which comfortably cleans from all the directions inside your baby’s mouth without causing any skin rashes or harsh contact.
    ✔ Disposable and Safe Baby Toothbrush: The unique baby and infant toothbrush are made with BPA free high quality tissue and cotton absorbent gauze, it doesn’t contain any material that may irritate or hurt your child, the toothbrush for infants are made for one-time use so you may dispose of the toothbrush stick after using.