• Skin Grip CGM Patches for Dexcom G6 (20-Pack), Waterproof & Sweatproof for 10-14 Days, Pre-Cut Adhesive Tape, Continuous…

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    💪 EXTENDS SENSOR LIFE OVER 10 DAYS: Our long lasting sensor tape is designed to stick over 10 to 14 days, even if you are swimming, showering or exercising regularly. For best results prep skin with an adhesive barrier solution like Skin Tac and pat patch dry when wet. Without proper care expect patch to last 5 to 7 days. Compatible with Dexcom G6 continuous glucose meters.
    😎 EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE: Stick the SKIN GRIP oval patch on your skin over your transmitter to secure your monitoring sensors. The easy-peel backing stickers are split into 4 parts, making adhesive bandage application as easy as applying a Band-Aid. Worry less and do more without affecting your blood sugar testing.
    💧 NO SKIN IRRITATION: We have made sure our cgm device compatible overlays are made of 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive that are latex-free, zinc oxide free, and hypoallergenic. Our adhesive will NOT irritate your skin or cause any itching or discomfort. Made specifically for sensitive skin types.